Il Donato Vino Rosso Case

Il Donato Vino Rosso Case
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2011 Il Donato Vino Rosso
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Wine Specs:
Varietals: 85% Primitivo 15% Sangiovese
Winemaker: Greg Kitchens
Alcohol: 13.0%
PH: 3.66
TA: 6.0 g/L

I don’t really want to bitch, but the “specs” are pure marketing pablum; and anything but “specs”.

WW, you know better.
[edit] thank you TT!]

This has been offered before and it was a little polarizing. I’m Curious if there are additional thoughts on the wine now that it’s been in people’s hands for some time.

I’ll check. This is a great daily quaffer.

I bought this back in October. Not having any experience with this winemaker, I split the case with a friend. I still have 4 of the 6 bottles and always pass it over when I open my wine fridge. This wine is just blah, in my opinion. It tastes nothing like described. It has no depth of flavor and I can distinguish none of the fruits listed. I’ll pass, and would not recommend.

Ditto for me. You can do better spending $4.99 per bottle for much of what Trader Joe’s has on hand.
I’m still trying to rid myself of what is left of a case bought six months ago. Decanting helps some but not much.

We drink wine pretty much daily in our house, and with 4 adults (80+ year old parents are live-ins) we go through a LOT of bottles and are always looking for QPR daily quaffers. I bought this several months ago. I found it tart and not to my liking. Dad thought it was nice. He also said “nice” about a 3 Buck Chuck and “nice” about an Ardente we had recently.

InFrom posted about using this wine in a Tinto de Verano and I did make that a few times and agreed that it was a tasty drink made with this wine.

The remaining bottles have been relegated to the section where we keep wine that the parents open when we are out of town. YMMV

Here are the notes from our very own klezman from CT

Tasted by klezman on 9/17/2013: PnP at wine cooler temp: Nose is a bit astringent with a leafy primary note. Surprisingly not all that fruity immediately. There's also some suggestion of oak influence. Palate is similar, not a ton of fruit, but there is some black cherry going on amidst the bit of tannin and excellent acidity. There's also a zippiness to it, that which we often call minerality. Mid-palate is somewhat hollow and the finish is a little on the sweet/jammy side for my tastes.

45 minutes of air, and having it with striped bass, it was a nice easy drinking wine. Nicely balanced acid, with dark red fruit starting to come out of the shadows. The jammy finish dissipated somewhat, much to my delight. Nice every day drinking wine.