il Morso Coffee Bars Variety (40)

il Morso Coffee Bars Variety 40-Pack
Sold by: Wine Country Connect, LLC
$41.99 $64.99 35% off List Price
(10) - Il Morso Coffee Bar - Americano, 4g Bar
(10) - Il Morso Coffee Bar - Coffee & Cream, 4g Bar
(10) - Il Morso Coffee Bar - Mocha, 4g Bar
(10) - Il Morso Coffee Bar - Matcha Green Tea, 4g Bar

These are tiny.

4 Grams = 0.14 Ounces.

They look pretty good though, just don’t appear to be a good value to me. Maybe someday when I’m rich I’ll try them.

5.6 ounces for $41.99

Spend almost $92 (almost double) and get the same amount in silver.
I do realize if I ever buy any of these items, that they are “gourmet”, but for me, it’s going to be for a special occasion and I have to be convinced it’s worth the premium (the jerky was tempting, since even ordinary jerky ain’t cheap, or maybe the cheese).
Regardless of the concerns, some people are buying these gourmet items, so unless that stops happening, they’ll still keep selling them, ridicule or not.
Really, the debate could be approached another way: should they offer more non-gourmet food on Home & Kitchen (or would the profit margin be too small)? They did offer K-cups at the end of January.

So…your price per pound comparison is irrelevant as you admit and the products you are comparing are not even closely related. Other than that I see your point.

and I’m not seeing yours, either, sorry.
Some are buying, some are complaining about the price per pound (or overall cost of items here) ever since gourmet started.

You said “Spend almost $92 (almost double) and get the same amount in silver.” So your price comparison is not a comparison

And sorry I don’t see comparing silver to coffee an apples to apples comparison.

And if gourmet.woot is selling the product they are offering here why would they care if you think it’s too expensive? Maybe you should contact WD and come up with a non-gourmet woot where everything is dirt cheap and people will bi*tch about it being too cheap :wink:


I b*tched about summer shipping once or twice on wine.woot. And guess what, they offered wine all summer long anyway and people bought it. Big picture, they are going to offer what they can sell…

Here’s a review for these that says they can help you lose weight

I wonder how many Hershey Bars you an get for forty bucks?

So… is this ever going to ship?

Most items on this site are made to order so they’ll take a bit longer to ship.

I’m guessing it will ship out this week though.

Thanks for the information!

Edit: enjoy these quite a lot. Expensive little buggers, but awfully tasty.