il Morso Coffee Bars

il Morso Americano Coffee Bars, 40 bars
$42.99 $65.00 34% off List Price


Eat one and go Weeeeeee!!! from the caffeine or Mix with the coffee crusted cheese from Bee Hive :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not sure I have a lot of faith in folks who believe that cocoa comes from coffee beans.

Wow, these are really expensive compared with Coffee Thins. Coffee Thins are $1 for a 30 gram bar at Wal-Mart. You can also find huge bags of Coffee Thins at discount stores.

I would Totally buy most of the “Least favorite coffee products”! .Esp. the Toasty Fingers hand sanitizer and the Happy Bird espresso feeder! “Java Dreams” too, since I often have a cup before bed “so I can dream in fast-forward”.

When you look at the ingredients in the coffee thins sold in Walmart they have a bunch of added oils and fillers like whey and malodextrin. il Morso says they are only made out of coffee beans, cocoa butter and sugar, if that is true then the added grams per dollar you get at Walmart might just be for ingredients you don’t want.

The copy does sound that way doesn’t it?

Didn’t they use to sell wines on wine woot at one time?

Come on guys, are you really struggling that hard to find wineries that will allow you to sell their wines?

I tend to not buy things where they try so hard to push the “benefits” of the product.

This says it “feels like a 1/2 to full shot of espresso (18mg caffeine.”

If you’re buying shots of espresso that only have 18mg of caffeine in them — or even (doubled) 36mg — you better go someplace else.

Today is Thursday. Wine Woot usually offers something different from wine on Thursdays.

I take it your good with what you call “usual”
I say then, lets make it unusual and offer wine on Wine Woot

It’s good that Treasure Island is getting some business activity. Unfortunately, it seems to be too many food-related businesses… not what I’d encourage in an area that’s dotted withradioactive wastefrom years of military use.

Those of us who have been around awhile remember when wine.woot had one deal per WEEK, not per day.

Also it might be helpful to remember that some of us live in states that no longer permit the shipment of wine. :frowning: We LIKE non-wine Thursdays. Visiting the website the rest of the week is an exercise in frustration.

See there - suddenly Thursdays don’t seem so bad now, do they?

For someone with a profile date showing 2006 I’m stunned by your comments (but not surprised due to the Internets general inability to do research prior to posting). With few exceptions, Thursdays have ALWAYS been non-wine items.

It’s Thursday.

Appreciate your comments even though I still would rather have wine being sold on wine woot than the other stuff. As noted, I am no stranger to how woot has evolved and just because today was my day to vent it doesn’t mean I’m without my marbles. Happy New Year to you all

More variety and cheaper prices on Ebay. $39.99 including delivery for a 40 pack of 4 different flavors or all mocha. 10 pack is $14.99


So that’s a fair comment…I think many of us who frequent the wine.woot forum on a daily basis grow tired of the same questions asked daily, which are also answered daily, yet still asked again and again. Happy NY