iLiving 18-inch Wall Mount Outdoor Fan

iLiving 18-inch Wall Mount Outdoor Fan

I bought three for our tennis courts. They’re pretty quiet for the volume of air they move, but it’s only been a few weeks and they’re rusting already. The screws are rusting and the frame itself is rusting. I guess they’re not meant to actually have rain hit them. They’re at the edge of the awnings so they do get hit directly by rain.

Fans that are used for this purpose tend to run around $400 so obviously these won’t be like those, but if they last two years that’s pretty good.

I don’t have a tennis curt, but bought one for our patio the last time these appeared on Woot. Ours hasn’t rusted, but after the second rain, just stopped working altogether. I agree with the earlier comment that if they last two years that’s pretty good. But all we got out of it was a few weeks, not a few years. So that’s not pretty good, to say the least.

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Yeah, “moisture resistant” doesn’t inspire much confidence.


I don’t have a tennis court either, but, I do live on a lake and bought one for our back yard bbq area.
Fan is very quiet with very strong air flow. I’m not seeing any rust issues as of yet.

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I bought one for my garage. Moves air well and I’ve run it for many hours without issue, but I think it a bit ambitious to call it an industrial-grade fan, household grade maybe, but not more than that.

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How do these mount?

$400 is a bit excessive. $200-$250 is a bit more realistic for a fan built to last in outdoor conditions.

If this thing, that’s labeled as an “Outdoor Fan”, is rusting, then take advantage of it’s warranty, get your money back, and buy something that will actually last 2 years or more outdoors. For a fan that has it’s own misting kit as an option, it shouldn’t be rusting outdoors and certainly shouldn’t just stop working, as Bonz says. No matter how much water is hitting it during storms.

Oddly, no one in Support has replied to my report in this thread. {{"Send the blackhawk rescue copter out on a search & rescue . . . ThunderThighs MIA!!}} So I shipped a note off to Customer Support - will report on response when (if?) received . . . .

Hi there. Customer support has to go through them, usually via the support form.

I thought you were just sharing info.