iLiving 20" Weatherproof Outdoor Fan

iLiving 20" Weatherproof Outdoor Fan

Says 10% discount on the app, does not reflect that in checkout.

Still no discount when using Woot App.

Just got it; it showed discount on payment page.
{that said Woot kicked me off my Prime status and took me like 30min to actually “buy” it :pouting_cat:}

Happy now tho—-and happier when then cool breeze will hit me soon!!!

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I would close the app, reboot my phone, and restart the app, then try the purchase again .

“Have you tried turning it off and then on again?”

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About the time I “confirm shipping address” there is an item “Prime Discount” subtracted, looks like 10%. Checked “order status” info, yeah, that matches…

huh. Well, if you got your free Prime shipping and your 10% off I’d say you’re done.

Wipe hands on pants.

Whatevah, I didn’t get the fan, just looked at the order for the body-bag plus other items… THIS fan is overkill, I wouldn’t be using it outside.