iLiving 20" Weatherproof Outdoor Fan

iLiving 20" Weatherproof Outdoor Fan

Just FYI- Great working fan; only noise is frm the whooshing wind created. That said, within first cpl wks the “stand” that holds it up [IF using] started rusting in “several” areas; Fan was fine tho. VERY disappointing based on price of item.

I didn’t have it covered, as it states weatherproof! I have since bought cover on AMZ BUT, discovered that the cover sold for it, does NOT cover the “base” (only fan), so essentially worthless. Sigh.

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Hi there. Sorry about the rusting. You have a one-year warranty. Have you checked with iLiving?

Warranty: 1-Year Limited Warranty


Hoping iliving responded. I have found since Covid that most companies that I’ve contacted about warranties aren’t even responding anymore to claims. Pretty crazy times.