iLIVING Infrared Portable Space Heater

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iLIVING Infrared Portable Space Heater
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Please note that ALL electric heaters consume the same amount of power (limited to a top of 1500 watts) and the trick is to find the one that gets the heat out for your situation.

In MN we find all-filled heaters (looking like radiators) to do the trick. Some may prefer forced-air.

A lot also depends on the children and/or pets near them. One cat spray on an exposed heated-coil unit is instant stinkbomb!

But there is a lot of hokum sounding “advanced” heaters. So your research.

I’ve used these for years, and they work great! We save a TON of money because we keep it in a central area which keeps the furnace from kicking on. one note- I refinished the loft above my garage into a man cave, and that space is not heated at all. I’ve found this type of heater does not bring the temp up from freezing fast enough to be useful. I haven’t tried leaving it on continuously to see if it would heat like a small furnace. But as a supplement for regular heat, they are the best I’ve tried. BEST FEATURE- even heat without being hot to the touch, so no burn hazard for kids or pets like other types.

all-filled = oil-filled, correct?
BTW where are you in MN? Used to live in St. Cloud, Alex City, Hibbing, International Falls, Detroit Lakes and Moorhead years ago.

Do these have six or four heating elements?

Found this in the linked manual:

What is the life expectancy for the heater?
This heater uses one infrared tube (which is rated for 20,000 hours and up), and one PTC element (which is rated for 80,000 hours and up).

Could this description mean that the heater is recommended for up to 1000 cubic feet? Not square feet. 1000 cubic feet would be a small room like a bathroom. Whereas 1000 square feet would be a pretty big area.