Ill-gotten Trinkets

All the top vote-getters in this derby are super-artistic, but this one is particularly intricate. Nice work, kinzoku.

Is this the long-rumored secret ending to The Little Mermaid?

So very happy to see this win! Absolutely amazing illustration. I dont often say the word ‘deserved’ here, but to me, this is a most deserved win indeed. Congrats!!!

Also woooooo black friday. If anyone’s going to Best Buy, take your Haz-Mat shields to help prevent crushings!

If the ink was black, i’d be a great Black Friday shirt ;D

Looks like the Mermaid has been watching Pirates of the Caribbean.

“Crap! I knew we shouldn’t have set sail for Killer Mermaid Island!”

Lovely line work! I like all the little details, too.

Double entendre time:

-She’s got some weird booty there.

Wow. This is fantastic.

Looks like Ariel figured out how the snarfblat works.

Real women smoke pipes. And apparently so do mythical ones. :slight_smile:
Very cool drawing. Congrats!

There is a simple solution to the problem of crowded areas this black Friday. Since you can’t yell “fire” in a crowd, why not opt for the more panic enducing “Zombie Attack!” Gauranted that will clear a place in no time.

(looking closer) This isn’t Ariel at all. Seems to be her younger and much smarter cousin who’s figured out what the “best of both worlds” message means.

In for one! Good to see more girly girl-friendly shirts that aren’t that icky brown color.

I dont know, there’s too many geeks where I live. If I yelled Zombie Attack, it would probably just mean everyone drops trow and whips out their…iphones…to take video. (you guys so thought I was going there, didn’t you? Naughty!)

No way! My top pick of the derby actually printed. This is a first!!! Time to use some hm credits :slight_smile:

So bought! One of my favorites in the derby. Love the colors, and the art!

The shirt itself is a treasure hunt in itself. I keep seeing cool little details here and there that really make this shirt a nice little work of art.

I second the “well deserved” comment. Congratulations Kinzoku!