Illegal Operation Woot Info Post,,!

Illegal Operation [buzzed] - $10.00 + free shipping (standard) OR $5 to get it overnight (Wednesday) OR $5 international shipping shipping

1 * Baby Blue Woot Tee

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“The medical board will certainly be hearing about this!”

this reminded me of my favorite candy bars - Butterfingers.

Waits on inevitable “ObamaCare” jokes.

He must of had fun because it left him in stitches.

Why is he so sad? I would be extremely happy to finally die after being prodded and mutilated and infected by thousands and thousands of children.

Adds new meaning to ghost in the machine.

The sad part is that those kids will now probably go on to sell the Funny Bone and the Bread Basket on the organ transplant black market.

What a world we live in…

DAMN YOU MILTON BRADLEY!! Tricking our children to preforming unlicensed surgery!

Ha! A friend and I were just reminiscing about Operation because we saw a giant crazy arcade version. Ah, the memories.

If only it actually said “Illegal Operation” on it. Could be a very good shirt for a Software Engineer!

Did Craigslist & Ebay take down those sections yet?

Oh my goodness…

If those bandages are correct those kids removed his nipples…

This must be a new version of the game because the one I played certainly didn’t come with a magic genie. Now if I was given three wishes, one of them would be for a new $5 discount word like SERENDIPITY.

Question for you all:

Am I the only one who thought that the kids were operating on a chocolate chip cookie at first?

October is ‘Breast Cancer Awareness Month’!

That buzzing sound? That’s the heart monitor.

This is definitely a Blue Shirt of Death. His system was halted.

Is that a piece of toast they took out of his stomach?