iLuv 2.1 Speaker Bar with USB Hub

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iLuv 2.1 Speaker Bar with USB Hub
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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THIRD version of an iSpeaker I’ve seen tonight.

Anyone else have a higher count??

only counted 2 so i guess you are winning

How is it that everything has been sold at 5AM ?

Is this your first woot-off? This item has only been up for a couple minutes.

I would like to request iNothing from now on.

Thank You.

A lot of it has been 1-3 items at max. A few were around 30 or so.

As for the elusive BOC, they only sold 1 so far.

Seems like Woot has had a good April.

woh boy you’re in for a treat! You should click on those flashing lights… I rememeber my first woot-off drifts off into thought… Those were the days.

I want to know where the liqueur bottles fit in this thing.
It is a bar, right?

Not sure the count, but I am going to have to retire for the night, somewhat surprised your still here. Anyway… Have fun! :wink:

Bought this a couple woot offs ago to use with my nook for netflix.

Well how is it?

Works with my PC but NOT with my Mac