iLuv 3MP Sliding Door Webcam

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iLuv 3MP Sliding Door Webcam
$7.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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iLuv this webcam!

I’ve been waiting for over 30 hours. Give me a bag of crap. Please.

Yup, Nooooooooooooooooo

get in the back of the line champ, some of us have been waiting 49 hours.

Finally a new product.

Does anyone still use an external webcam anymore? With laptop integration I would imagine the customers are few and far between.

So this is good for keeping surveilance on your sliding door?

3mp is that good or bad

I could use one, since I prefer desktop over laptop, but I would like something a little more high definition. Something that has more megapixels than my cheap flip phone.

LOL… that was exactly my thought. I had to read the product description to make sure that this was not a “specialty” product!

I dunno. I have to think that the Woot demographic is made up of a lot of cheapskates, many of whom haven’t splurged for a new computer in the last 5 years…

Yes, it is.

its really very nice product i will have it for sure, but now i am planning to bought a camcorder.