iLuv Aud 5 Speaker & Lightning Dock

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Pretty legit reviews on amazon. I like this pros and cons review. “P. Mcwhorter” says:
"I received this iLuv Aud 5 unit and have been pleased with it. It has big crisp sound for a desktop unit, looks stylish, and is simple to set up. Below I summarize the Pros and Cons:


  1. Excellent Sound. For a small desktop unit, the iLuv has big bold sound. There is some good base, and treble is nice and crisp. Most people will find the sound to be excellent for this type of unit. To me, sound is close to similarly sized Bose units.
  2. Easy to set up. Nothing to install, just plug and play
  3. Stylish Design. Looks good on the desktop.
  4. Buttons are easy to see and intuitive to use.
  5. Has feel of a quality product. Hefty and well designed.
  6. Packaging is great. Box really protects the unit, but it is easy to open and get the unit out, without power tools.


  1. In this price range, I would REALLY expect to have Bluetooth capability. Yes, the sound is good, but really don’t like fooling with a cord, or getting the Iphone aligned to get it plugged in.
  2. The connector is for Iphone 5 only, and will not work with earlier iphones (without auxiliary cable)
  3. Given that the unit does not have Bluetooth, and given that it only allows iphone 5’s to plug in, it would have been really nice if they had included an auxiliary cable.

I think the “Cons” are really nit picks. The unit has good sound and I think you will be pleased with it. If you do not have an iphone 5, there are probably better options for you than this particular machine. "

Check out this review from ILounge

some additional info can be found over at and you can learn more about the warranty over at


Check out this overview/review from

I notice it has an aux in on the back… since my sound bar has been acting up, I’m considering getting one and using it in place of that (thanks, Conan, for the Iluv link that verifies that this can be done) I’m also planning on upgrading to the Ipod touch 5 in the next month or so, so it’ll work out nice for that, too. The one question I have is if it will work with that Ipod in a protective case???

I wanna know too! I just got an iPhone 5s and am already having troubles finding cables that are long enough to get through protective cases. I see a lot of docks and cables on Amazon that people have taken razor blades to. I’d like to avoid that. The video for this speaker doesn’t instill me with a lot of hope though.

This looks really similar to a dock I had a couple years ago. The charging ‘pin’ was long enough to fit my phone with a cover on, and the base where the phone sat allowed for cover space.

Any idea if this will work as an alarm clock as well? That is, if I have an alarm set on my phone, will the speaker sound?

I can’t find anything specific, even on iLuv’s website. I would guess the answer is yes, though.