iLuv Bluetooth Speaker & Alarm Clock with Shaker

Time to check out the product page

Reviews seem mixed with a lot of complaints about inadequate instructions. I’m hearing impaired and was considering this to replace my current alarm, however, I haven’t found info yet on how strong the ‘bed shaker’ is, and it doesn’t seem to connect to a lamp either. Between that and the mixed reviews, I may have to pass. Good price, though.

I have had a iLuv product with a bed shaker and I really liked it. I am 100% deaf on one side and I happen to sleep on my “good” ear so I do not hear an audio alarm. The shaker is strong enough to wake me.

How does the alarm work with music on a smartphone?

Any apps that work with it?

The video seems to be for different model with a 30 pin iPhone connector. I don’t recall them mentioning Bluetooth in the video.

I wonder if this in fact the same model shown in the video. I looks interesting, especially since my partner has to wake up much earlier than I do for work. I think this would be a good thing for him. Especially as he has an Android phone.

3.9/5.0 Stars over at Amazon

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I don’t know much about this alarm in particular but if you’re looking for a vibrating alarm clock I’d suggest the “Sonic Bomb”.
I bought one for my teenage son. He isn’t hearing impaired but he was definitely ‘wake up in time for school impaired’. You can’t ignore the vibration. Now when he misses the bus it’s because he made a conscious effort to turn this off and go back to sleep, not because he was never fully awake to begin with.

The manual is here (tho’ it’s just a PDF of the Quickstart Guide)

The one labeled “German, French,…” incls English.

I have one and it don’t shake fast enough, so ya can’t use it as a sex toy.

How bright is the display on this? I like my alarm clocks to be DARK. Most I’ve owned look like they’re putting up the Batsignal.

EDIT – I see one of the Amazon reviews complained about it being too dim of a display. I’m in for one!

Why don’t any of these clocks come with both am and fm bands? I feel like this technology was conquered in the 1980s, if not before.

Does this clock save everything through a momentary power outage or does it go to midnight and screw you over?

Yes, it has two speakers, but is it stereo, or monophonic?

I’m not finding that in description or specs.

This is in the specs. Does it answer your question?

Unlike traditional alarm clocks which feature a simple mono-speaker, VibroBlue was built with full-range speakers that play your favorite songs with great clarity and balance.

An alarm clock with a built in vibrator! cool

Well I’m a long time Wooter and I’d love to love the iLuv, but the display at it’s highest setting is not readable even in a dark room. Looking to return it now. Bummed.

Just a thought but did you check to see if there was a protective film to remove?

I say this as a mother of a 24 yr old boy that bought a light table and used it for an entire year with the blue protective cover on it. He wondered why it wasn’t very bright. I wonder about my son’s brightness.