iLuv FitActive High-Fidelity Sports Earphones

Anyone know the cord length on these? Seems like most earbuds’ cords run a little short.

Just heard back from the vendor. They’re about 4’ long. It’s been added to the sale now.

I do really like these and thinking about pulling the trigger but are there any other pictures showing the other end? I am very particular about what goes in my ears.

The other end goes in your ipod, not your ears.

Anyone know how the microphonics are on these? I purchase the House of Marley headphones last week and the microphonics (the horrid sound you hear when the cable moves or gets bumped) were terrible. They are now on sale on ebay. Anyone have any opinions?

Looking at the description and the photos, I don’t think these have a microphone.


If you want the version that comes with the built in microphone, you can get them here from Amazon for $19.99.

Reviews for these items and better pictures are up on Amazon. It looks like “the other end” goes really deep into the ear. I didn’t bother to read enough of the reviews to know how bad the static noise is.

If you click on any of the “colors” on the main sale page, it brings you through to an actual item page where there are more pictures.

I have these and hate them. The ear tips work fine for staying in my ears while running, but they fall off of the earbuds easily. In less than a week I had lost two. I tried putting the tips on my regular earbuds, but they fell off of those as well. I don’t even attempt to use them anymore.