iLuv FitActive High-Fidelity Sports Earphones

If you have a flat anti-tragus (that part of the ear that helps hold the earbuds in what seems like everyone else’s ears but yours), these will definitely help. They’re not as nice as the fancy Sennheiser system that has even more adjustment options, but they’re much cheaper, so I don’t feel bad about wearing these in situations where they might get a little roughed up. The sound quality is good enough for what most people would use these for. Also, it’s pretty easy to still hear outside sounds, which helps with not getting run over by cars and not looking like an oblivious jerk.

The “flat anti-tragus” broke off within the first week of use.

Wow! They broke off part of your ear?! :wink:

Mine are still holding up after a few weeks, but I don’t use them very much.