iLuv Mo'Beats Bluetooth Speaker Stand

Wait, we sell something that isn’t geared to the i-crowd and nobody shows to the party? Come on people, share some thoughts!

Doesn’t look so hot. Shame, I’ve been waiting for a portable Bluetooth speaker.

iLuv iSP245 Mo'Beats Speaker Stand | PCMag

PROS: Streams wirelessly via Bluetooth. Multi-function stand. Sleek aluminum design.

CONS: Distorts heavily at max volume. Does not get very loud. Poor bass response.

BOTTOM LINE: The iLuv iSP245 Mo’Beats comes up short as a wireless Bluetooth speaker, but its solid aluminum design and useful stand function will appeal to some.

Okay, forgive me for going sorta off-topic, but Woot-plus has section titled, “Asus On The Loose.” At first glance, it looked like “Anus On The Loose,” which is what lactose-intolerant me get after eating too much dairy. Especially the spoiled dairy that is still in my fridge because of Hurricane Sandy…

PS - I’m impressed that Woot allows the word, “Anus”!

This was just featured in X-Play’s 2012 buyer’s guide (about 1:15 in).

Does this have a volume knob?

Pretty good reviews on Amazon. I have been looking for something to keep in the kitchen for listening to music while playing card & board games. Might pull the trigger on this…

Pretty sure it’s not just for the “i crowd”. Thinking about this for my Nexus 7 which has really poor speakers. Might be fun for the kitchen for those “how to” vids.

Here’s a YouTube video about the product. It doesn’t, however, demo the sound quality.

Second video that does feature some audio - over the background hum of CES.

thats what she’s saying. “isn’t geared towards i-crowd”.

Looks like Tommy Tip-Over to me.

Wow! Just showed up on my doorstep already (3 days after ordering). This thing is PERFECT for my purposes - to have a way to push sound around my good-sized kitchen from my tablet or phone while cooking, or while playing cards, etc. Paired to my Galaxy Note and my GS3 phone without a hitch. It’s fairly heavy so it feels sturdy. My tab is in a case; the folded open case fits neatly in the slot and the case then folds over the back of the unit. The sound on medium volume is rich and full. Very please with this impulse purchase and wish I would have bought a couple more - for my work office and for a gift. Thanks, Woot!