iLuv Vibro II Alarm Clock Speaker w/ Bed Shaker

It’s a SPEAKER DOCK! How did you know it’s the things I cherish the most… Seriously… ask around… I am known for Speakerdocks… It’s my thing.

iLuv products are usually for sale in Five Below stores.

I’m my own bed shaker anyways.

But… Is the adapter MFI? That is the deal breaker… not knowing if it’s MFI.

Five below? Sorry I’m in Vermont… We don’t even have Arby’s or Target (only state out of the 50 without a Target… I hate this state at times…)

Be thankful you have no Targets…they’re where the morally-depraved shop. No Arby’s is sad though.

I did some research on this (reviews) and apparently it doesn’t state so, but you have to use an iPhone for the bed shaker to work; it doesn’t function when using the aux input. There’s also no battery backup for the clock, which is a huge failure for an alarm clock.