Im a beginner here... Help!

Hi, guys, Im a beginner here and not excellent in English. So, please, could anybody explain to me why if this is the deal-a-day shop, today there are so many lots here?! I didnt find any explicative rule in the site description. Thanks in advance!

This is a woot-off! Check out what is woot? (top right hand side of the page) for more information. Welcome to woot!

Actually, I don’t think a Woot-off is described in “What is Woot.” It’s basically where they’re cleaning out the warehouse. It happens approximately once a month on a random basis. As soon as one item sells out, another begins. Might last two to three days.

Welcome. Here’s a description of a WootOff


My bad, I didn’t read down far enough. Sorry.

Don’t worry about the english.
Some of us are native speakers and haven’t figured it out yet!

As long as the yellow lights are in the picture with the product being sold, it is a wootoff.

Quick!!! What’s explicative?? :tongue:

Is that one of them naughty words? I dun heard about tem. They be the work of them polyesters!

avosgo, pooflady, ThunderThighs n dontwantaname, thanks a lot! Im very much appreciated.

Feel free to come chat!

Hello once more, guys! I’ve paid attention to this information (from one of the posts):
First sucker: hairic
Speed to first woot: 0m 46.157s
Last wooter to woot: lightnng
Last purchase time: 11:59:28 PM Central Time
Order pace: 0m 10.708s
Woot wage: $5,526.50
Woots sold: 8066

I’d like to understand everything on this site properly that’s why I must call for your help again. May be somebody will be so kind to explain to me, if this is a useful information for me, please. For example, what I need to know who was the first purchaser (First sucker, m?) for? To be honest I don’t understand for instance at all what “Order pace” mean. Should I?
Thanks to anybody who will make clear for me at least a crumb.

First sucker: hairic = first to order the current item

Speed to first woot: 0m 46.157s = How fast the first item sold

Last wooter to woot: lightnng = person who bought last available item

Last purchase time: 11:59:28 PM Central Time

Order pace: 0m 10.708s = average time between sales

Woot wage: $5,526.50 - even I don’t understand this!

Woots sold: 8066 = total number of item sold

Wow, so simple! Thanks a lot, AZGman! Now I see… Thanks!

I think it’s all just for developing a competitive spirit )

That’s exactly right.

not sure, but i think it’s the average rate of sales, in $ per hour, from the time an item goes on sale until it sells out.

Are you Canadian?