I'm coining it...wootism or w00tism, w00tizm, wootizm


That’s right. I coined it. Forum search reveals no one else has used them. They are MINE…ALL MINE!

Now for what they mean…

wootism: word, phrase, gesture, or any other means of communicating written, verbal, or otherwise that relates to or makes suggestions to anything related to or connected with woot.com.

An example of a wootism would be: “a woot-off” or “B.O.C.”

Yeah…I’m special.

Post the known wootisms here…we’ll form a list and make it easy for newcomers like me to figure out just what the hell it is you people are talking about.

I’ll start it off…

1: woot-off: A woot-off is when a woot item sells out before the 24 hr time period in which it is available and woot.com decides to post any number of other items which may also sell out in the same time period, prompting even more items. In a nutshell, item of the day sells out, they post another item to fill the time left, it sells out, they post another, and another, and so forth. You, the wooter, now have chances to buy numerous different items without waiting the usual 24hr time period for the next item to be posted.


actually, wootism is the worship of all things awesome, as defined by both the urban dictionary and the facebook page devoted to the religion known as wootism. for more information go to facebook and search “wootism”