I'm Curious What if any people still make your bed when you get up in morning? In what order starting from your mattress, and how do you make your bed after stripping bedding?


  1. Matress Cover zipped waterproofed, mildew,SPF, bug proof
  2. Padded Matress Cover, fitted
  3. Fitted sheet
  4. Flat Sheet folded at top, corners, and sheet tucked between frame & matress
  5. Comforter folded horizontal at end of bed
  6. Extra 100% Cotton Flat sheet folded into a square.
  7. 7 Pillow cases 4 Satin to protect hair, 2 100% Cotton, and last one Bamboo for cooling.

I don’t leave bedroom without making my bed each day.
I change sheets and comforter weekly.

How about you?


I do as much as the cat let’s me. Usually it’s just tossing the quilt over the top.


My dogs have to be outside on chain! Then before I’m threw. Their crying and barking to come in.

So I blast Miley Cyrus " Fkowers " start singing really loud. I in no way can hold a note.


I dunno what happens.

I get up, drink life-saving amounts of coffee, I go to the bedroom & the bed is made up including 2 useless pillows on top that no one on Earth but us will ever see.

Either the bed is somehow self-making or my wife is involved. (I know it’s not Shelby or Blazer doing it, they’re under me begging for a piece of my butter toast).


I just buy a new one from Woot weekly.
mess reverse GIF by Jordan Fisher


If it weren’t for my wife, my bed situation would be a mattress, with a fitted sheet, and a sleeping bag sitting on top of it. But my wife does indeed make the bed every morning with a mattress protector, fitted sheet, flat sheet and duvet w/ cover (except the occasional weekend day when we leave early for some reason). She changes the sheets and washes the duvet cover every 1-2 weeks depending on the season.


Same thing here. Making the bed signals both cats it’s time to dive under sheets.


I used to make the bed, but I’m the only one maintaining my household for the most part (S/O works odd hours and a lot of them), so very quickly I quit prioritizing it. Other messes that I’m working against that need my attention moreso.


I don’t make my bed and I have a perfectly sound reason for not doing so – I am chaos.

I don’t use a comforter and instead have a series of blankets with varying degrees of warmth. I start off hot so no blanket, then I get colder, so a thin blanket, then I either get warm again or need another blanket. Sometimes I use three blankets, sometimes none at all. Sometimes I turn a fan on and sometimes I’m freezing and can’t get warm enough.

And, of course, my little dog has to be under the blankets so most of the time she gets her own because she likes to be really warm, but she’s still right up against me and sometimes burrows under mine so she’s underneath both.

So I have a handful of blankets bunched up on the corner of my bed and use them as needed. It would just be way too much effort to try to make my bed each day. It’s difficult for me, anyway, due to health issues, so I just let the chaos happen.

Oh, and the cat has a little cat bed at the foot of my bed.

tl;dr - I’m single.


I am going through the wonderful age of who knows what happens at night. The dogs are like electric blankets in various areas of my body.

It definitely depends on the season. I don’t enjoy doing laundry in the summer.
I’m also single my mom God bless her soul burned that bed making into my DNA


I try to remember this:

Does making your bed attract mites?

If you make your bed right when you wake up, you trap that moisture in the sheets allowing dust mites to thrive. Researchers found a simple solution. Leaving the bed unmade allowed the moisture to dry up reducing the dust mites in the bed.


Does this count as making the bed?

Whatever it is, she’s amazingly athletic


Yes, yes it does.


I don’t know if that’s true but I don’t care, either. That will now be my forever excuse for not making the bed. I am allergic to dust mites, after all.


I am allergic to making the bed.




I don’t know but when my enstilled this into my head as not a choice, the 60’s I don’t remember bed bugs being heard of. However I have an air purifier by my bed. And a matress cover that protects from that.

I guess that definitely is realistic.

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Here’s a picture of a blood sucking bed bug, slightly enlarged. Oops sorry wrong upload it’s this one…

That looks horrifing! I won’t be able to get that image out my brain space now.
I’m thankful I haven’t experienced those yet.
I know what they look like on a matress, never seem them up close

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In addition to somewhat terrifying images when so magnified, there also is incredible beauty. I hate being mosquito dinner but here’s a mosquito wing