(I'm Dreaming Of A) White Kitchen

What is the capacity of the cups? Is this for a large cup of coffee or demitasse?

A mug would be a regular coffee-sized mug. Is there one in particular you’re asking about?

The Gusto mugs are now my favorite mugs. They are extremely comfortable to hold with hot liquid in em’ because of the pinky rest at the bottom of the handle. I’m considering buying another set of four in case one breaks.

Where are these products made? I was looking at the “textured” coffee mugs, but noticed it does not state where they are made!

If you can narrow down your request, I can try to find out.

The Luigi Bormioli says:

Most of our glassware is made at our factory in Parma, Italy. Some of our items are manufactured for us by skilled artisans in glassworks in Germany, Turkey and China.

I was interested in where these mugs were made: Luigi Bormioli HD30466 Gusto Mugs - White S/4-Thank you!