I'm Fine

Where’s the fridge?


Twenty-first century optimism.

It’s not optimism - his mug is still full and his eyes are shut. Obviously he’s not yet caffeinated, and therefore can’t be expected to notice such trivialities.

Digging the style. That’s one passive kitteh.

Fine? Why of course I am fine! I am

F reaked Out
I nsecure
N eurotic &
E motional

(Acronym from the Movie Italian Job in 2003)

PS. Unfortunately I have been “Fine” which is why I haven’t been very active on Woot lately. So many crazy things going on in my life…Wish I could be as serene as that kitty!

This shirt describes my life so aptly that I just had to order one… Thank you for creating it, Tobefonseca! :slight_smile:

Note to self: Repeat 50 times… I am the kitty… I am the kitty…

Gotta say: I hope that KC Green is getting some royalties from this, because it’s awfully derivative/copyright-infringy of his now-iconic “This Is Fine” comic: http://gunshowcomic.com/648

Thank you! Just what I came here to say!

man, this shirt is PERFECT for today

Always nice to see someone pointing out the original, but it turns out that nobody ever gets royalties for stuff on daily t-shirt sites: https://arstechnica.com/the-multiverse/2017/05/hanging-by-a-thread-how-the-online-nerdy-t-shirt-economy-exists-in-an-ip-world/

The TL;DR of it is, it’s a known legal grey area but everybody concerned pretty much just looks the other way to avoid stirring up a controversy.

Very apropos design for the day…

Very interesting read, although it’s more about the mashups and doesn’t paint a complete picture of all ecommerce shirt sites. Woot and Threadless crowdsources, but has also entered legal agreements with IP holders before. And not all IP holders want to work with sites that are limited in production and/or the terms (like non-competition clauses) are not conducive for the site.

But all this is drifting off the topic of this design …