I'm Lost

My shower curtain

This is perfect for my 86 year old mom.

@Momster: Ha!

@FB! Congrats on the win! I’ll pick one up :slight_smile:

love the unique spin you put on this and the awesome retro colors.
congrats Fishbiscuit5

It should come with a blinker and a whistle!
Congrats Fishy! Great colors and retro feel.

Apparently - not all who wander are stinky either! :slight_smile:

I love the idea and graphic…but I fear that the tiny tag line will either land such that it is invisible under my boobs, and/or cause people to examine my chest at personal-space-invading range.

Not all who launder are washed.

Thanks for voting this one to the top! :slight_smile:

Love the retro look and the last line made me burst into laughter. Well done fishbiscuit!