I'm not a smoker

But this is insane.


How in the heck can we sit back and allow “sin taxes” to become abusive in this country?

So the current administration has decided that smoking is bad, and should be taxed to death.

What happens when the next administration thinks that for your health that chocolate should be taxed? Or any restaurant/fast food should be taxed? Or raise taxes on cooking oil, pizza, cookies and cakes?

It’s your life, you should be able to live it as you see fit. Not have some nattering twit in office reach into your wallet for any reason they can manufacture, and limit the way you live YOUR life while taking your money.

This isn’t a current administration thing only. It has been going on for a while. Taxes on cigs here went up $10 a carton twice in the past few years.

And I agree with you. I imagine soon they will decide ice cream is bad for you and tax that too…

Like the fast food tax that has been bandied about for a while?

They both target the poor.

Big brother.

He’s out there, and he’s not your friend.

The costs of smoking are inordinate, and we are all paying them. These scum bags have been profiting from the hellish products they’ve been foisting off on all of the unsuspecting and stupid smokers for fifty years.

Every time the taxes go up on smoking, the use of tobacco drops. I say, tax the hell out of tobacco! If the stinking politicians won’t allow the FDA to regulate tobacco, thanks to their being in the slimy pockets of the tobacco companies, at least they’re willing to tax the tobacco sales. Hit em where it hurts, if you ain’t got the soul to ban tobacco as it should be banned!

Take a look at the top killers in America some time. Number 3 on the list is chronic lung disease. This is the only disease in the top ten that isn’t declining in it’s death rate. Guess what causes emphysema and chronic bronchitis, the diseases that are included in “Chronic lung disease?” Cigarettes. Guess what causes almost every lung cancer? cigarettes. Guess what causes most renal cancer? cigarettes. How about nearly half of heart disease and high blood pressure? cigarettes.

This isn’t about a “sin tax” it’s about an EVIL MONSTERS TAX. The lowlives ought to be put out of business, but anything that makes it harder for them is AOK.

Sports injuries raise the cost of health care.
Car accidents raise the cost of health care
Age raises the cost of health care.

Should we tax the hell out of sports, Cars and Old people?

Or are you just supportive of taxes you don’t have to pay?

Insurance takes care of our raiding our pocketbooks on those three.

Smokers don’t pay for health insurance?

Parents insure their kids for more if their children are playing sports?

just cigarette taxes.

anything that costs the tobacco companies in any way is good.

I know there’s no real support for my position. I don’t care. :^D

I happen to think there should be an internet tax, because it encourages sedentary behavior, which can cause health problems and be a drain on health care, and it should be tied to the daily rate smokers pay.

Do you support that perhaps?

My guess will be no. But if you don’t start the fight early, the response from Big Brother will be “Aww, it’s for your own good, like smokers, drinkers, fast food eaters, bad food buyers, and people who post too often on the intrawebs.”

but it doesn’t.

Any tax on a corporation is not paid by the corporation, It’s paid by the people who purchase from that corporation.

Most americans don’t realize when they want to tax the “big business”, the “ceos” and the “evil corporations”, that they are actually begging for a higher tax rate they themselves have to pay.

There’s no comparison between the damage done to Americans by smoking and any or all of these other bad habits you’re talking about. If everybody in America at risk of diabetes walked for 20 minutes a day, type two diabetes would drop by about 50 percent. What would that do to our health care costs, eh?

But nothing they can do will reverse the damage of smoking to their lungs. They can stop it where it is if they quit smoking, but they can’t get the function back.

Look, if you want to talk about other problems that are real and relatively similar to smoking, well, you can’t. Nothing exists that is so toxic that is allowed in this or any country. nothing remotely close exists. Nothing that causes this kind of death rate is put up with anywhere in the world. my position is that virtually anything that has ANY decrease effect on smoking is better than what we have now.

sorry, but I don’t really buy that. It’s clear that people smoke less when it is more expensive. I don’t care how much it costs the smokers to kill themselves, I care how many of them are doing it, because that’s what costs me. and my soul, much more importantly.

Smokers today; sugar or salt or butter or wine or chocolate or bacon or coffee or whatever users, next!

How is it clear?

Isn’t that up to them? Why should my insurance rates go up because idiots are allowed to drive? Old people cost the health care industry a lot too - maybe we should set them on ice floes like the eskimos did?

My parents smoke. My brother smokes. I don’t. I would love for them to be around for a long long time, but there’s no way on god’s green earth I would ever tell them how to live the life they want to , in the way that they want to.

Not true. Quitting smoking will allow the lungs to recover, and I believe the latest evidence is that within 10 years, there is no difference between any of the health risks associated with a smoker and a non-smoker.

add to that, there’s no way to predict who ends up on an oxygen tank at 50, and when a spry 95 year old that smoked since they were 16 will occur. And Yes, I’ve met them.