i'm not kidding i don't want any more email notification of posts or comments or bla bla bla




Oh noes! Still!? I’ll ask about manual shut-off.

The settings are so bizarre…as discussed here:


Maybe something changed w/ .net 2.0?


heres a quote from an old post by Gimmaroon,

"You must have done the logical thing and changed the default settings in your profile, like I did. I know that they appear correct, logically…it drove me nuts, but I finally asked someone what for default settings under e-mail options (in your profile) I guess it’s a bug.
Change them to:
Email Options

Receive Emails:
Receive Emails in HTML:
Use ‘Email Notifications’ by default:
CRAZY, I know, but for some reason, they’re backwards. Try it…what do you have to lose, heh?"

GIve that a try



Thanks Lordlix…I was just digging for that post.

The other thing to do is check the individual settings in the “options tab” at the bottom of a forum, if the e-mails are just coming from one, in particular.


no prob, always happy to help



ok… will try again


Does it work now?


How about now?


let’s see


try now


heck yea!!! it worked!!!
thank you thank you thank you…