I'm Sick Of It

I’m on a Navy deployment with nothing better to do except order crap off of the internet and wait for it to get to the ship. My bank account is being sucked like people out of a holey air-plane!

well, we’re grateful for your service! and that you’re spending your time with us.

and, yes, maybe your money.

Having suffered–I mean ‘served’–for over 20 years and numerous deployments (the Samuel Gompers, now scrapmetal, and the Nimitz) as well as overseas tours, I feel your pain. In those days, we had to order using catalogs, but I understand.
I spent a lot on model train kits, then used the long, boring evenings in the shop building those kits. At least you’ll have something to show for your money. Think about the guys and gals that spend their money on booze; all they have to show for it is a headache the next morning and a tattoo in an inconvenient place.