I'm sitting in front of BestBuy, bored out of my mind.


I’m so bored, that I’m posting here, my first post outside of the woot product threads. I’ve got 7 hours to go, about 5 hours laptop battery, a half-charged PSP, and 6 sets of batteries for a dusty GBC. I just haven’t done the 5 hours of game play in a row since I was in high school.

Someone help me!

Cool note is that I’ll be able to watch tonight’s woot while camping out to catch other deals. If anyone is still reading, and cares; I’m here for the $200 desktop, $400 notebook, and an Xbox 360.


Hopefully, it is warm wherever you are…

XBox 360, price?


66F, little breezy. My hands are cold, but thats cause my dumbass is only wearing a tshirt and jeans.

360s are still going for MSRP.


Good heavens.
Husband and I were just discussing who might be camped outside a store to get the goodies.
Hope you get the Xbox… I’ve heard they are in pretty short supply.
Post Whores Anonymous is a good place to go for random yammering too…


heh… heya, KT!!!
what’s shakin?


Good Luck.

I am heading to bed myself. I haven’t to work tomorrow.

I am glad to see your devotion though. It is people like you that make it impossible for normal people to get anything :slight_smile:


don’t be snotty, there, hon.
While I personally would NEVER camp out for mdse, I don’t fault those who do.
If they want the stuff wnough to wait in line for it, more power to em…

MeanieMan… I hope ya get the stuff ya want…


Huh? Did Ace have too much turkey and stuffing?


I don’t see where slhilbert was being snotty…if fact, I almost posted the same thing (but was beaten to it) to Meanie, w/out a doubt, as a joke, though there is truth to it! He!!, anyone willing to stand out all night like him, deserves to get what he wants. I might be very wrong, but I was chuckling when I had the thought…not snotty in tone. slhilbert said good luck and his last comment had a smiley at the end.

Hang in there, MeanieMan!


this was all i was referring to.
had too much turkey yourself, there, gimma???



Heh, NO such thing as too much turkey (and stuffing, mmmm) for my belly!
I thought it was intented to be funny and there’s a “:)” at the end of it…oh well, only slhilbert knows for sure and he’s not talkin’, lol!


Not bad…could be worse…could be up here in New England.

Sit in front of a grate, if you can.

Our local Walmart only offered 10 (360s). Hopefully, you are less than 10th in line. I hope you have friends and a strategy…

Good Luck,

(hiya acemom)

“Misfits” is also another great thread…


I’m still alive, and I also hope that I get what I came for. Not getting the items would suck worse then having 3 BOCs in your cart when the server crashes.

I’m 13th in line. Everyone is here for the laptops, the ad lists at least 10 per store, and this is a busy store. I hope that means I’ll be ok. This place usually hands out tickets for the items. The biggest issue is the checkout lines.

Right now I’m alone, but I have been given a lot of half assed “I’ll be there later” lines from friends…those weak, silly friends.


knowing me, and lots of others here…
you will only be alone for part of the night…



Hopefully, the 13 in front of you don’t have any “friends” or gets bought off.

I know a lot about standing in line for things, but usually it is concert tickets, not merchandise.

I have been doing most of my shopping on line…I can’t stand crowds.

So, how are you connecting? Wi-fi? And what kind of device are you on again?


You are on the laptop…sorry…


KT… I still watch the misfits thread
and I miss you.

But… seems like you are having fun!!!


I’m on my Sony V505EX with an internal Intel 2200B/G. I’m connecting to a linksys network that a titty bar across the street has open.
I know this because the titty bar bouncer is behind me in line.


Yeah, it moves at a slower pace, which is good for my slow & aging mind…

Thanks, I miss you as well…don’t miss some others, though…



And you can’t find a better website to look at?



I’m sure I could, but there are a good 100 people in line around me. Plus the group in front of me brought their kids, their very vocal kids.