Imagination Takes Flight

This design really flies off the shirt…

PS - I really love the artist description. I’ve often wondered why that isn’t his signature.

Great description!

…what would happen if you had you been reading the book on a kindle/nook/kobo/any other e-reader?

Ramyb! Man I’m so proud of you for this and so happy. This is so different from your other works.

Congratulations man.

The “Saving the world…” link is missing “htt” at the beginning.

In other words, it is broken… fyi!

Levar Burton approves of this write-up.

that’s why I don’t read. I’m afraid of birds escaping into my house. I guess I’ll remain illiterate from now on.

ill see if i still want this shirt in the morn wen i sober up a bit.

I’m going to have that damn song stuck in my head for weeks now. Thanks, Woot!

I wouldn’t have guessed who the artist was.

Impressive choice of colors and blending. I like the torn pages, and the way imagination is depicted as actually rising from them. The birds add to the evocation.

As a reader and writer of fiction, this has special meaning for me.

Congrats ramyb, not so much on the print (which you get all the time), but on how you demonstrated your artistic range and talent.

Take a look, it’s in a book…with Reading Rainbow.

I love this one! It combines two of my favorite things: birds and books. Also, the design is just beautiful.

I think it would look better if the book was larger, it just looks too small… IMO.

I see a possible meme here.

Professors gonna correct hundreds of terrible papers, cursing their masters degree in English. Slackers gonna do what they do. I wonder who’s happier with life…

Cops gonna watch the intersections for hours on end. Speeders gonna do what they do. I wonder who’s happier with life…

Those last few chapters really flew by!

Carlie Sheen’s gonna win. Trolls will continue with healthy lives. I wonder who’s happier with life…

I hate when my book gets infested with ghost birds.

I’m sensing a theme here with these derby winners…

People must have a serious need for birds-materializing-from-other-non-bird-things on their shirts this weekend.


Intriguing. I MUST know the origin of this plant!