iMainGo Portable iPod/Sansa/MP3 Speaker

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

iMainGo Portable iPod/Sansa/MP3 Speaker
$14.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 iMainGo Portable iPod/Sansa/MP3 Speaker

Zune support?

Says 3.5mm jack, so yes.

Consumer Reviews:

“The Imaingo is the best portable speaker system with a protective case on the market.”

“I have tried several portable iPod speaker systems. Without failure, they have lousy sound. Ready to give up on my search, I tried the iamingo. Wow…it exceeds my expectations! Great sound, and very small. Best of all, I can see my iPod screen while its inside the imaingo.”

Wow… this is more useless than the battery yesterday. A protector case with speakers is nice, but for $20? Do Not Want!

Found a “meh” review here:

Although it’s not so bad when you factor in the price it was tested at.

who is the happy feller on the picture?

A young Jerry Seinfeld or something.


…but I’m broke.

In for two, one for me and one for my wife. I’ve seen these at Apple Specialists and they sound pretty good for portable speakers.

Not bad. $32 on amazon

Unless you need the case, wait for those little Cingular speakers from last week to come back through. I got mine today, and they’re shockingly good for the size (and rechargable!).

Website says it fits iPods only, so as far as you Zune going inside the case, me thinks no. But, as far as supporting the speakers, from what I can tell, yes.

is it just me, or is having two small magnets so close to a MAGNETIC hard-drive a rather bad idea?

is the ipod/zune hard-drive magnetically shielded?

haha…tuned bass ports. cute.

looks nice…

Hard drives don’t give to bananas about speaker magnets.

And was anyone else impressed by the description story?

I’m not making any guarantees, but I THINK a Zune would fit in this, since they’re designed to be the same dimensions as an iPod.

I’m wondering if my Zen Vision:M will fit. it’s about the same size as an iPod, but a lot thicker (I have the 60GB model).


i have one of these that i got off of ebay for $25. the sound that comes out this these tiny speakers is way impressive! you even get some bass coming out of them! (not chest thumping) and for 15 bucks your really can beat it. these speakers would totally fill a small room with good sound.

i would suggest using the alarm mode. the imaingo turns on when the ipod is on. and turns off when the ipod off.

one last thing. this thing comes with foam inserts to fit different size ipods. i bet these inserts will work with the Zune.

my friend has this and it sounds really good. $20 is worth it. we take it to the beach etc. well worth the money