iMainGo Portable Speaker for iPod/Sansa/MP3 - 2 Pack

Are these loud and clear enough to be used as backyard speakers when having a barbeque?

looks cheap as hell.

wow. 4.5 stars on Amazon. Lots of really good reviews on this one.

I’m guessing these won’t fit a Zune 30?


I am tempted… but I already have a couple of portable speakers already. What makes it so I should grab these?

i’ve been thinking of getting some cheap portable speakers, might be a buy if i can talk my friend into going halfsies :smiley:

Man these things look weak.

Seems to say they do what they’re meant to…

Wow, two nights in a row with products that are perfect for tailgate parties (see my sig). Nice job Woot. We tailgaters thank you.

Meh… I’ll pass - they can’t substitute for real speakers, so I’ll continue to stick to headphone-sharing.

would this work with the ipod touch?

What is up with this whole “Lets throw and ‘i’ in front of everything”. Its really getting annoying. Com’on marketers can you think up anything better then trying to ride the whole Apple/iPod wave?

i think woot wants all of us to rig together all the speakers theyve sold in the last few years and create the longest string of sound across earth playing the same track on all the ipods and sansas they sell us.

is it me or does woot offer, at least once a week, on here, or sellout.woot either a mp3 player or speaker?

/ramblings of a tired man…gnite


Damn, I paid $14.99 each at sellout.woot about a month back. Oh well, I guess technology does go down in price fast. I bet Woot didn’t sell a lot on sellout for $15 so now they’re here.

Sound - The sound is very good on this portable speaker case for your MP3 player.

Protection - The protection it offers for your ipod is very good as well.

Convenience - is okay. This is not going to fit into your pocket. It might fit your coat pocket.

If it was smaller, though, it wouldn’t sound very good. I am very pleased with the sound quality and usually can find a way to carry it where I want to use it. Size is about like a very thick small paperback book.

Power - A couple design flaws that don’t bother me much - it has no AC power option. But batteries last 30 hours so it isn’t a big deal.

Speaker protection - Also, the front grille is not very protective of the foil like speakers. I put my case in a basket and the magnet atracted a new paperclip (rounded) that made a dent in one of the speakers. They need a better grille.

And did I mention the sound? It sounds great!

See the website imaingo dot com for more quotes from reviews. Go to the actual review site to see the actual review, though.

Does anyone know what kind of connection this uses, and if it works for iPhone?

Wonder if this will work flawlessly with the iPod Touch

My iPhone did not fit in the enclosure area and the audio jack doesn’t fit iPhone’s smaller hole.