iMate Momento 7” Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frame

aye had mine disabled for woot. D=


Post away oh mighty 7 proxies!

Wow - 7 proxies…am I supposed to have a woody like you do right now, or is it ok if we just bask in your ever-glowing glory, instead?

Don’t you need to run up to the store for some more cheesy poofs and a nudie mag now that it is after dark and you can go outside without people pointing and screaming?

bags of junk that we all want

C’mon leakfrogs, I need me some leakfrogs.

The mods ought to just block pics for a little while til the douchebag goes to bed!

pwned by Adblock

Thanks for the hint

Whoa what a jerk. Must be stupid. And ugly.

Thanks for reminding me. most useful post tonight.


hahahahahahahahahahaha {gasp} hahahahahahahahahaha


I feel a B.O.C. in the force…

we beat you you fairy fuck

too funny


Hey, 7 proxies, I have one adblock. it blocks all 7 proxies.

why does that picture keep getting posted 8000 times? its childish and annoying. grow up…probation woot?