iMate Momento 7” Wi-Fi Digital Picture Frame

can we stop the self portraits?

One of the woot rules is that you are now allowed to be mocked and berated for not reading everything in the what is woot tab and Wikipedia prior to posting a question.

Right click. Save.

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Get AdBlock and right click on picture and block. No more picture. (Thanks who ever it was who originally posted the tip!)

how is this douche bag not blocked yet

or just right click and click block images from website. if you got FF3


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wow - now I understand why there was talk of banning pictures - its not just that the picture is grossly obscene. It’s that some kids must repost it constantly. Oh well - I guess woot attracts all kinds. So much for forum browsing tonight.

I love you for reminding me, lmao.

So, first time on, if I’m in Iowa (hypothetically), is the wootoff officially done at midnight my time or what?

i forgot about mine as well. Thank you firefox

anyone receive theirs yet?

For those of you that check back for actual info about the product you purchased:
I recieved my frame on monday when I got to work. I believe it was actualy delivered on Thursday or Friday of last week.
I woke up early this morning and while I had my coffee, I started messing with the frame.
So far so good, quality is awsome, compaired to another frame I purchased on w00t awhile back.
The only things I haven’t completely figured out are:

  1. It’s not connecting to my shared media in Media Player 11, even though I’ve gone through the steps.
  2. It’s not doing full frame on all the photo’s I’ve uploaded to MomentoLive.

Granted it’s only been about an hour or so I’ve been messing with it, but for now it’s a great start!

I’ll be scooping up a few more next time they are offered :slight_smile:

I am angry.

This is not working, and technical support sucks. I wrote to them like two weeks ago and they got back to me on Monday. Then, I wrote again and I haven’t heard back since. They have no support phone number.

I suppose if yours works you’re lucky. If not, you’re out of luck.

Never buying one again. It won’t connect to my working wireless network, and won’t connect ot my Windows XP computer.