Imitation PWA: Cruzer gets lazy


Lets see how long it takes him to show up.
He might be on vacation. Not sure.

We can still use Yammer too!




I bet we are waiting until the end of this thread too!

I just put a coffee cake in the oven. Baked for no other reason than I wanted it.


wow…I’m honored



Congrats! :slight_smile:


oh, why, thank you! :slight_smile:


Isn’t is stupidly exciting?


yes, I can hardly contain myself :tongue:




Congrats Lynn!


Ok then…
Good night all


I remember getting excited when I got it once. W the H, we should take our happiness wherever it comes from and no matter how s t up id it looks to the outside world!


Goodnight Ice!


We don’t need no absent Cruzer!

Howdy folks. I’m a pooped pup but the stuff at the ex’s house is done. Nothing else to be done until the will is probated and I get death certificates.


I hope everyone plays nice and it all goes smooth.


The evil cat likes Krispy Kreme donuts. The phantom cat is meowing but won’t let me get close. Maisy is trying to stay near me but away from the evil cat that is sitting on my desk.


Hopefully it all goes to son and there aren’t any issues.

hugs to you. You have had one hell of a month.


It should.

I’ve decided that I don’t like June. Last summer it was brother.


poor kitties.



eww… that’s right!

June sucks - let’s protest it next year just in case! It was just bad customer service month for me - much much much, etc, worse for you, but I’ll deny it exists with you


What about Maisy?!?! She’s the one with the scarred cornea!