Imminent Cat-astrophe

And yet again, I spit up at an Ochopika shirt. Sight gag shirts are the best.

I do believe this is the first time I have ever been first sucker. My nephew will love this when I wear it, he already loves my Catsup shirt.:slight_smile:

Those poor little dogs look so mad!

Great BBQ shirt!

This pun totally makes sense with the cats in the bottle. I mean we already know that cats are liquid.

Crisis averted.

Oh so THIS OS why I get such stomach upset from these things! Now it all makes sense. They sure don’t go down without a fight, do they?

Makes a note of approving of the design sizing options, within the current limitations of the system.

Dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!

Catsup on dogs? No way! Mustard for me.

Personally, I relish hot dogs… but not this shirt… :wink:

Hot Dog, Frank! It’s a real wiener.

Those little angry cute dogs make me giggle, congrats :laughing:

Real wrath of God type stuff.

Thank you.

oh man, my dogs are barking!
(har har har, i’m bad at this)

This derby has had the best winners I can remember seeing. I wish I wasn’t too broke to buy any. Sigh, maybe someday.


I second the apron request, I can’t wear this and my catsup shirt together, but I can wear an apron with it!