Immortal Falls


SOOO beautiful! SOOO happy this won! Congratulations on your first print, Daniel!

I know these things have a proper, fancy name, but I can’t remember it. So I’ll just say that it reminds me of the impossible staircase in Inception. Nice design, I like it.

Beware of the bird-muda triangle!

Thanks so much!

Someone needs to animate this… AHEM NATHAN…

Great job! Congrats!

How awesome is this! Congrats, brother!
I guess now you can afford more than ramen for a while!

nice design - but @woot: too many bird-shirts lately :slight_smile:

Yes, great design Chuckle!

This is a very cool shirt. Nice design.

I took one look at this shirt…
…then another…
…and one more…
…and Inception definitely comes to mind when I look at this shirt.

Penrose triangle.

It’s a river of bird poo

it’s a Escher triangle or an impossible triangle.

That’s to give all the cat shirts something to do…

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I would totally buy this in poster form to put on my wall…