iMo 7” USB Sub-Monitor


I guess this is the extent of me caring. Off to bed.





does saying REALLY???
make you cool??

Cool! Cat pictures!

do I really need this?

Anyone in for 3?

mistress needs a sub monitor

Why Yes, Yes you do.

This is expensive and silly. :frowning:

I don’t think lollypops are good for cats

Not cheap at all… can find these for 60 bucks if you look

Looks like it is not available anywhere else. Wonder why…hmmmmm

well, I was just thinking about this tonight when I turned Netflix on on my son’s laptop while using mine to monitor the woot off and other surfing, thinking I wouldn’t have to steal my son’s laptop if I had one of these things.

this always seems popular on woot

That’s like 4 time too expensive.

Neither is serving them with rice.