iMo 7” USB Sub-Monitor


no thank you,

Far too small, do not want

I have no idea what I would use it for

i want this but i can’t justify it

I love that pic.

Another out of order tweet. wink wink woot.

still waiting for something good.
hoo humm

Cat lollipop for realz?

keeps track of your submersibles

Is it April 1st?

can be used as a side mirror

Would this work with an iPod?

…patiently waiting…

[Bangs head on desk] Suggests Woot offer desks after so many lame woot-offs. Mine will be trash after this one. Also, offer splinter removal tools.

I bought one of these last time with no clear idea how I’d use it. Man, I love it! I keep a file browser window open on it at all times (makes for easy draggin’ & droppin’) and also I park my IM clients on it to get them off my main desktop. Works great.

Kinda reminds me of the new Evo 4G that’s coming out (the vertical stand at least)

does it come with bacon salt?

I had the chance to review a couple of these for a hardware site I used to write for, and they’re curiously addictive, though it looks ridiculously tiny next to a 27" LCD.

Too small for work, too big for pr0n… at work.