iMo 7” USB Sub-Monitor


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iMo 7” USB Sub-Monitor [New] - $89.99 + $5 shipping

1 * iMo XT-7 7” USB High Gloss Black Finish Sub-Monitor

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iMo 7” USB Sub-Monitor
$89.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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  • iMo XT-7 7” USB High Gloss Black Finish Sub-Monitor

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So, how does this monitor my sub?


I’m holding out for the 22" wide-screen USB monitor.


I really hope some cool gets thrown in the middle here before the flying monkey, because these woot offs are becomimg too predictable


How much for the cat that eats suckers?


i hate fucking cats!


Why the hell would I want a 7" monitor for $90 when I could get a 20" HD for $100? Makes no sense. Someone please enlighten me!


Does this work on a Mac?

Or the Wine.Woot equivalent … Is it Kosher?

But I really want to know if it only works on the Subs in my bathtub or will it work on Subs in the ocean as well? :tongue:


Well I truly hope that sucker was thrown away after that… yucky


Somebody please buy the shiddy usb monitors so we can get a good item…


What a cool little toy! I wish I had ninety bucks to spend…maybe next time, w00t!


Meh…I got nothin’ to say.


Aside from being a good prop if I want to pretend to be a giant, why do I want this?


This is really cool.

i would be in if i had any real practical use for this.


What would be the advantage of this type of monitor? It certainly wouldn’t be easier on the eyes, and it is too small for most office work. In fact, if people are looking for smaller screens aren’t they already after netbooks? So, what’s the point?


Is this comment going to get me a quality post?


In for 3!