ImogenStudio +Cam HD All Weather Security Camera

Since you have to run power to these, I prefer cameras that are wired ethernet with POE!

You cannot access these cameras directly by ip. You must user their app. :frowning:
Buyer’s remorse…

Does this camera support enterprise-class networks. These networks are typically used by large-scale businesses.

I have the indoor version of this by Zmodo and am debating whether or not to get the Zmodo outdoor version. How does this compare? The mothership has a 2-pack of Zmodos for the same price and offer 1-day cloud recording as well.

As mentioned above, I also prefer POE connected cameras, but where I want to put a camera, it’s fairly close to my router and power is already available.

I have a zmodo 8 channel dvr system. I also bought the 2-pack outdoor zmodo cameras to which I think you are referring. Please allow me to help persuade your buying decision. DON’T EVER BUY zmodo PRODUCTS, EVER! lol Crappy hardware, software changes take functionality away, customer support is like 1 person, I think her name is Pat, or Paulina, or something. I have vowed to never buy zmodo again. If I could rate them a 0 on this site somehow, I would lol. The zmodo 2-pk cameras originally had 3rd party software support for viewing, but a firmware upgrade changed that, and they didn’t bother to inform the public because, “Most users never used that functionality anyways”.

• Field of View: Horizontal: 75° Vertical: 45° Diagonal: 100° (Electronic Pan, Tilt, and Zoom)

Seriously?? Ability to remotely control pan, tilt, and zoom is a thing now??

And it has a microphone, so I don’t have to read the intruders’ lips to assume intent??

As someone that has a lot of security cameras of different brands and specs, don’t even bother buying a 720p camera for security. This might be good if you want to keep an eye on a pet or something but is fairly useless for protecting property.

And the PTZ is definitely just marketing BS, there is no mechanism for moving this camera…

That explains what I wasn’t seeing in the description and specs. Thanks, I’ll pass.

Thanks for preventing me from making a poor purchase decision.