Impact Seal Self-Healing Target 3-Pack

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Do these work with a bow and arrow?

I bought these the last time they were on sale, and just took them shooting with me today. They’re great, much larger movement than I get with the sphere-shaped targets of similar material. Self-healing works well too.

Doubtful. When one of my 10mm rounds came at a weird angle and got stuck in this style of target, you end up with a hole the same size as the bullet. Certainly could shoot them with a bow, and I’m sure they’d move some, but don’t expect the self-healing aspect, they’re hard-plastic when the material at rest (not foamy like archery targets).

I’ve shot targets made out of the same material for years, and it is amazing how many shots these things can take before they go to pieces. I’ve put at least 500 rounds through a square target, mostly with .223, and it is still going strong.

These type of targets will work best with smaller caliber, non-expanding projectiles. As mentioned by another poster, they will hold up very well to fmj .223/5.56. As you move up in caliber and/or softness of projectile, the longevity of the targets will decrease.

Does anyone know if these would react to a 1200fps pellet rifle?

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I think I’d be more concerned about my arrows when they deflect and go into the dirt.

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