Imperial Defense Systems

That’s no defense system. It’s a space station.

Don’t be blue, I’m sure next time there won’t be a fatal flaw in the plans.

It’s a TRAP!

Sleek and subtle. Very nice!

That’s no logo!

Well… They both kill rebels…

The reference is just too subtle.

I guess I’ll be the first to mention that it should read: “Sienar Fleet Systems” if it was meant to be accurate.
And May the Fourth be with you…

Wow, someone has a beef with Boeing…

The Death Star definitely counts as an OFFense system.

“It was defense! Didn’t you see that planet come over here and attack me?”

Still a cool logo, though.

Congrats Kevlar. Instabuy.

I would love to see a random poll about this shirt to find out what percentage of people actually get the Star Wars reference. I’d say it would be maybe 10%.

Since tomorrow is May 4th, the percentage is a little higher right now, of course.

Overall, I agree with the previous post: the reference is far too subtle.

WOW! Thanks a lot everyone!!!

Haha! Far from it–my thought behind this design was more about exploring the idea that even the Empire had big defense contractors, rather than actually trying to take a jab at real-life companies themselves.

Oh, man, that is hilarious. I feel like the degree of subtlety is just right.

I don’t have a lot of use for this as a t-shirt, though. If Woot would sell a jacket or polo* with that logo emblazoned in one corner, though, I’d buy it in a second.

*these being the two articles of clothing that every defense contractor I’ve ever worked for has given out to their employees.

Good to see this print! It nearly took first too.

If your idea of a defense system is a tractor beam!

They say that the best defense is a good offense.

LOL my first thought too. Although could be Lockheed Martin.

Wear it to your Boeing interview.LOL