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Imported Greek Olive Mix - Pitted [Greek] - $19.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Imported Greek Olive Mix - Pitted

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Imported Greek Olive Mix - Pitted
$19.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Imported Greek Olive Mix - Pitted

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last woot [EDIT] oi, and I did get this in first before cesare’s re-edit. Hmmmph.

I bought two of these last time… for the Black Rock Playa :smiley:

I’m already a third of the way through my barrel. I think SWMBO might kill me if I buy another one, even though this is a fantastic deal. Le sigh.

I got the unpitted ones just last week and they are amazing! I thought 4 pounds of olives would be waaaay too many but I fear I’ll eat them all in the next month.

The brine is very tasty, lots of herbs!

Yep, we’re working our way through ours, and love them. They’re great for hot-weather finger food meals.

I received mine last week from the most recent Woot they were on. I got the one with Pits, and they are spectacular. Money well spent!

Also, I’m fairly certain there are 150 of these being sold.

I also bought these in the last wooting but I haven’t opened them yet. I was really impressed with the size of the barrel. You could use this as a weapon against intruders.

More props for the olives with pits. I keep a cup or so in a small sealed container on the counter top, covered in brine. They’re easy to get to and are tastier at room temperature. The should keep for months like that, but they only get a few days.

How large is this or how many lbs?

1.8kg drained olives.

When it came, it was like an 8lb package. Half that weight was brine.

Okay so about 4lbs, thanks Cheron. I’m in.

You watched king of kong to many times!

Great userid!
Last wooter to woot: BuyCrapOnline

Did anyone get both the pitted and un-pitted? I got the un-pitted, and was thinking of picking up this one…just wondered how the 2 compared (since there was some discussion last time about the merits of pits…).

Seriously, how do you KNOW these things? :slight_smile:

So…these should be refrigerated…immediately, or when opened? What are the container dimensions, please?

Glad for all the reviews. I love olives but a jug of unknown size and unknown quality wasn’t very enticing. I’ll go in for 2 (my sister loves olives as well).