Imported Greek Olive Mix - Pitted

Imported Greek Olive Mix - Pitted
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PRODUCT: 1 Imported Greek Olive Mix - Pitted

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8/20/2010 (woot-off)

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I got these during the last woot-off. They were a bit too salty for my tastes, but tasted good otherwise.

These are delicious! I got these last woot-off, and have not been disappointed.

Just had some of these today with lunch (from the very first offer, which Cesare will link to shortly). I must admit, the kalamatas are getting just a bit mushy and a bit too briny. Non-pitted might have been the way to go here.

In my brief wooting history, this was probably the most entertaining forum thread. Good for a laugh or two while waiting for a Bin of Coconuts to appear.

Does your barrel have any white gunk in it? I can’t tell if it’s mold or coagulated fat . . .

For you olive extra virgins (heh), here is a photo illustrating its size:

Got these last time around and LOVE them. They are tasty and so much better than those danged canned black olives. Its a great price, go for it!

I don’t see the weight anywhere. (Bad wine.woot!) What are we getting here? Thanks.

It is probably fat. Try letting a cup (covered in brine) sit out at room temp - delicious.

Wow! Thanks! Do these have to be kept refrigerated after opening?

Hey guys, how about bringing back the non-pitted ones? I’d be in for three - the last one just didn’t last that long.

They will keep longest that way; decanting a small amount to keep warm is a good way to go.

Hope they’re good, got one for a friend’s bday.

Damn, I’m so good that I answer before the question is asked…

1.81 kg = 4 pounds

The non-pitted version included an extra 0.19 kg, presumably pit weight.

I found the answer.

Thanks, folks!

[edit: I have no idea why my first post is after my second.]

And thanks to you as well.

Actually 3.990326 pounds to be exact!