Imported Greek Olive Mix

Imported Greek Olive Mix
$19.99 + $5 shipping
1 Mani Foods Imported Greek Olive Mix
1.8kg Plastic Barrel without Pits,
1.8kg Plastic Barrel with Pits

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In for one. Love olives!

has anyone ever tried these? This sounds great… but 4lbs of olives is a big commitment…

Yeah, buddy. I eat olives like it’s my job.

i’m assuming this isn’t kosher

No, but I’ve seen plastic jars of olives exactly like these (i.e., same shape and color, though I don’t know from memory if they’re the same importer and all that) in the Greek deli I frequent at least once a week, and they’re legit Greek. The owner’s name is Kostas, for goodness sake.

Along with my commitment issues, (and kind of in the same vein) does anybody know how long these would last if/after being opened? And should they be stored in the refrigerator? My guesses would be… quite a while, and yes. But I’d like to know if anyone’s an… expert?

Does anyone know if there’s a quality difference between pitted and non? For example, is the non pitted less processed?

Well, I’m no…expert, but yes, they’ll need to be refrigerated after opening, and should last for a while. I had a jar of kalamata olives last well over eight months hidden in the back of my fridge in one of my college apartments. They’d gotten a little acidic by then, to be sure, but they were still, as it were, good eats.

Gluten free?

Well, by definition, yes.

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Oh yea on these like sugar on a cupcake! I love me some Greek olives.


“Extra virgin,” “virgin,” and other such designations only refer to olive oil and depend on the process used to press the oil. There are not, to my knowledge, any such quality designations for whole olives.

Dude, they’re olives.

Don’t know if this helps, but someone at an italian market once used this analogy: pitted olives are like eating canned peaches and unpitted olives are like eating fresh peaches.

The pitting process (as I’m aware) is pretty simple and minimally invasive… well… as non-invasive as poking a pit out can be (I believe it’s a mechanized process with a ‘plus shaped’ rod that goes in one side and pushes the pit out the other side). They’re not chemically altered or anything for the pitting process. I just prefer the texture of olives that have stayed with the pit, but that’s just my opinion.

Sounds like they were trying to sell you some unpitted olives.

Considering my wife and I don’t care for olives, today’s WW is “the pits” for us!

I love olives. These’ll be excellent on the nights when I have dolmas, hummus and pita. In for one.

The photo of the product shows the unpitted olives as 2kg weight, and pitted as 1.8kg of weight, but the woot description states 1.8kg for either unpitted or pitted. Either the description is incorrect, or the photos are incorrect.

EDIT: Woot fixed the description. Yay they actually listen.

By the way 2 kg equals 4.4 lbs of olives.