Imported Greek Olive Mix

Imported Greek Olive Mix
$19.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 1 Mani Foods Imported Greek Olive Mix
TYPE: 1.8kg Plastic Barrel without Pits,
2 kg Plastic Barrel with Pits

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Why must I be teased and taunted?! Just put the Atlas peak up and leave me be!

i got these before there good, but its taking a lot of my shelf space in my fridge :frowning:

We got these the last time they were offered.

It fell into the OMG, wonderful range of variety. The jar it comes it also has a handle and an o-ring seal, so your olives stay fresh for as long as it’ll take you to eat them.

I suggest gifting this with a fifth of good gin, and a picture of a bottle of vermouth.

these look yummy!

I’m just finishing a barrel of the olives with pits from the first time around. Is there agreement that the olives with pits last longer?

They are indeed quite good, and they don’t need to be refrigerated, so long as they’re still in the brine and the seal is tight. They will just soften gradually over a number of months.

(I got some the first time they came around, and they’re doing just fine at the bottom of the pantry)

They’ll stay firmer longer… the unpitted ones will soften faster, which can be a little weird texturally.

By the way, a kilogram is about 2.2 pounds… that’s a lot of olives!

That’s what I thought, thanks!

In for 2. Love me some olives, and I wanted to move that bar some!

whatsa kg? I might have bought this if I could tell how much i was getting…but by the time i find a conversion site on the net some thing else will grab my attention and

Ya know, with all the whining over at the main Woot site, it’s been a regular home run derby over here. Great job, WD!

In for one! I’ve been staying out of the woot mayhem for the most part, but man do I love Greek olives - and although my local grocery has a great selection of olives, they’re always with pits, so the opportunity for some good pitted olives at a decent price made me jump. :smiley: And since I live somewhere that can’t get wine.woot shipments…I really can only get food from here.

Ordered one barrel, with pits (last time we got without pits). My wife prefers without, and I prefer with, so this is my barrel, bwahahahah etc.

Anyway, I think the last one arrived via regular Fedex ground (rather than via the usual SmartstoPost “service”). I can’t find any mention of how this one is shipped. Can someone let me know? Thanks!

one kilo=2.2 lbs.

So… each jug is about 4 lbs, and it stands about 12 inches high, 8 inches diameter. (mind you this is a guesstimate… It sits on the top shelf of my fridge comfortably)

If you go to your local international grocery store (every town has one, just don’t be scared if you’re the only white person in there) they always have a selection of olives imported from Turkey and Greece. The jars are cheaper, usually $6-12 and provide an actual selection.


funny thing is, after a recent basketball head/neck/whiplash like symptoms/so this is what a migrane feels like/ headache/ may finally surrender to golf or cyberpub/ incident, i’ve had less involvement in the execution phase of this particular woot off madness (better now).

so, for the team i say thank you kind sir!

The bargain here is in the quantity… remember, this is 2 kilograms of olives, not 2 pounds of olives. And last round, these were very high quality, and very delicious. (and, if you’re not keen on one of the varieties, find a friend who likes them and share :slight_smile: )