Imported Greek Olive Mix

Imported Greek Olive Mix
$19.99 + $5 shipping
1 2 kg Plastic Barrel with Pits

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these are good, but i’m only an eighth done of my last order…i can’t get rid of them

It’s the pits!

They look lovely, now I can go to bed.
Night all

Hmmm… I hope someone REALLY likes Olives, because I need these to sell fast so we can move on. :wink:

I ordered mine on 12/1 and can’t get enough - I’ve only got 1/3 left. I give them 4/5 stars (don’t ask me to Parker them!).

I found out that I don’t like olives as much as I thought when I bought these on the last woot-off. They’re fine, decent quality, there are just things I would much rather eat.

I love how the condition is rated as “Greek” hahaha

Almost two months in and I’m only about 10% through my jar! They are pretty awesome, though. Hopefully they’ll keep for the next year it’ll take to eat them all!

Keep it clean, Hogfatt. :wink: But I like the way you think.

Have to agree with you. :slight_smile:

So if you serve them with French dressing, they would be “Freek.”

Hey, it’s a Woot-Off!

Stupid question time - do these need to be refrigerated after the container is opened?

These are good. The only reason I didn’t finish them off was because the last five or so olives succumbed to mold growth. :frowning:
I prefer the pitted ones, so I’ll pass.

They last longer when refrigerated. So unless you’ve got a recipe that uses a crapload of olives, find space in your fridge.

Even with refrigeration, they won’t last a year due to mold growth.

i bought these through woot. the owner told us they last outside the fridge [i forget how many week or months, i’d have to check] but mine got moldy after on, e week outside the fridge, and were soft to boot. good flavor, but i can’t say yes on this one.

I’m down to less than 1/4 tank of my last pitted olives. They make a nice snack at night w/ some good cheese, crackers and a glass of vino. But they are pretty salty! BTW, opened a Woot 2005 EHP tonight, and it is very smooth! and has a funky (in a good way) nose that reminds me of PN.

I hope we see more of that Beehive Cheese offered. That stuff is great, and pairs well with olives.

It’s the brine that’s salty. Run a little, or a lot of water over them to get the saltiness you want.

Oh man, too bad it’s one huge container. I’d buy it if it were four (or more) smaller ones.