Imported Pitted Greek Olive Mix

Bring back the pits! I’d be in for three, but you usually limit it to two.

These are good, but way more than I could eat, had the throw away 1/2 of it went bad

Imported Pitted Greek Olive Mix
$22.99 (Normally $31.00) 26% off List Price

I bought this last year when it was on Woot. I just finished the barrel last week, and thought to myself, “I’ll get that again if it comes back on WOOT.” So I did.

I know, I know, cool story, bro.

Anyone know how long these would last in the fridge?

I kept mine in the fridge for almost a year. They were good to the last olive. Just make sure you keep the olives submerged under the brine.

This was posted a couple weeks back right before I went on a cross country road trip. Didn’t want to have it shipped when I wasn’t going to be here. So for those who did buy it last time, what are your reviews.

They have some smaller bottles on Amazon at way more cost. No reviews there though.

Okay I see people like so I’m in for one. Damn diet gone to hell and its only day one:(

Thanks for the info.

Good to see this is a repeat favorite among so many! :slight_smile:

These are really good and we like these better than the ones with pits.

They are a little herby but not too much.

Think of the olive mix on a muffaletta before it has been made into mix.

Keep in mind – once you finish the olives, you can fill the container with Woot Monkeys.

I was tempted by this last time… should I or shouldn’t I?

I’m not an olive expert are these all the bitter type olives or is that just the Kalamatas?

Couldn’t agree with you more!!! Why would you pit an olive? It’s just wrong!! It’s like taking the bone out of meat. It’s meat, but not as tasty.

Is it wrong that I instantly though “What a great idea?” Poor monkeys.

How many olives are we talking here? Specs on the size of the barrel would be great.

I bought these in the most recent Woot a month or so ago. They are good! The green ones are a little more al dente than I prefer, but they are still very tasty. Not as over-salty as other people had warned.

I also bought the all-Kalamata with-pits barrel from the same company last year, and I did not refrigerate it - I kept it in my (cool) pantry and then refilled a jar to keep in the fridge. They were fine for many months.

1.8 kg is like nearly 4 pounds.

Ok I’m convinced. I’m finally taking the plunge and am in for one this time. After all, my husband keeps reminding me that this (and all) woot-off is supposed to be about him and only him. And he does love olives!

Appreciated, but not helpful, as I could use an internet weight conversion site on my own. Size generally refers to “It’s about a foot tall” or something like that, so I can gauge if I have room in my fridge.