Improve Your Home, With Tools

The Stalwart long-nose pliers are going to be cheaper to just buy from Home Depot’s website and have 'em shipped to a nearby store. Unless you’re adding them onto an existing order, that is.

Is the Trellis made of plastic? I assume it is, but ?

The Stalwart “oversized” lock box is garbage, save your money and buy something useful, or a bag of crap even! When this arrived the hinges were set crooked, the hasp is very poorly installed, and the materials are ridiculously thin. I had a harder time opening my Tupperware container for dinner than breaking into this thing with a cheap pocket knife. As far as the whole “oversized” thing goes, it’s much smaller than your average ammo can. You can keep some cash, or a few tools in it, but that’s it.

The only thing this was good for was a few minutes of amusement at breaking it.

Does the foam flooring come with finished edges?

I checked both, and it doesn’t look like it, no.

Did you guys just grab some random Porsche from the parking lot for that photo? The pay scales must have improved quite a bit since the Amazon takeover.

The vice is cheaper, too. $16.70

foam flooring is usually $16 at home depot. and they have the edge trim.

i got 4 packs of gray for my garage at harbor freight for about $6/pack


Sorry to use all caps, but this is NOT the first time I’ve seen “Vernier” listed in a post!

PLEASE, look up “VERNIER”!!

Don’t bother. I did it for you.

Would ANYONE PM me, when Woot!, anywhere REALLY has a vernier caliper? PLEASE!!??


Thank you for helping me make informed decisions :slight_smile: