Improvement: The Tools & Home Kind

FYI - I would stay away from this product, if you need a serious emergency kit. A number of reviews online have shown it’s not performed as stated. Via Home Depot &

Regarding the gun case, it is $39.56 over at Amazon (also, with Prime shipping):

What product?

This is a discussion for all the things not just the one item you were looking at.

Blue max chainsaw $139 down from $189 at HoDep. Where on earth do the Woot bosses ppluck these prices from? I tell you, its all gone down hill since they were taken over by the large rain forest people. (The rain forest being large, not the people).

yeah i dont like when that happens either. I think they meant the 7in1 powerstation. FYI it only has 200 amps for starting and that wont jump a dead battery, just a low battery.


Speedway 52036 7 in 1 Powerstation & Jumpstart

Is it 2 stroke? Oil mix??

(sorry I couldn’t help myself)

But really what can the pull cord do? Can it run the air pump in a dead situation or do you have to pull for hours just to get a tiny charge. We need more specs people.

Home Depot seems to have quite a bit of info.

Regarding the Blue Max Chainsaw - cheaper at Home Depot and comes with a blow molded case…

there’s also this from Harbor Freight, which, in addition to getting surprisingly good reviews, you can get for less than $24 if you wait for one of their parking lot sales.

Mysteriously, the rifle case on Amazon has now creeped up to $49. Amazing how that happens.