In A Galax-Tee Far Far Away

I have a potato that looks like Colonel Ackbar. Look and tell me it’s not so!{“pl”%3A{“uc”%3A2%2C"aid"%3A14246897028%2C"pid"%3A538111099028%2C"pidx"%3A0%2C"vp"%3A"s"%2C"sb"%3A"1"}%2C"ovm"%3A{“v”%3A"s"}}

I bought poker game YESTERDAY. what are the odds. Not that it’s a huge money difference, but i would have bought two shirts to combine shipping if this deal would have been active.

Not complaining about woot. Just complaining at the odds of this happenening

I was probably a day away from being in a similar boat. Just last night my daughter complained that she wanted to wear my son’s “That’s no moon” shirt. I asked her if she wanted one of her own and was told yes. Then today… There it is on sale. Guess I have to pull the trigger now.

I get compliments and knowing smirks from my “It’s a Trap” shirt all the time! Love it!